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The information industry knew -- Xinyuan people teach you how to choose the thermostat!
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With central air-conditioning thermostat approached the family, also began to enter the line of sight of people. Today by the family Master take you to understand how to choose the thermostat!
1, choose the thermostat control output power: This is the first to consider the issue, related to the safe and stable use, improper selection may cause serious consequences, the output control by voltage and current, output power can be controlled. The output power is controlled by the power control operation equipment must be less than the thermostat.Otherwise it will damage the thermostat, can cause serious fires!  
2, temperature controller input and output voltage selection: to ensure that the input voltage and the input voltage to allow consistent. Some DC does not support the thermostat on-off, DC voltage is small or on-off, this to clear business consulting in the purchase of the thermostat, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.
3, temperature control accuracy requirements: the temperature controller, but also consider the temperature control accuracy requirements.
At the same time in the same space configuration of central air conditioning based on air control requirements of the thermostat position, in order to control the number of air conditioning fan coil and a thermostat, need to configure a control box, control box can be placed in the thermostat near the ceiling, in order to be placed in the control box, convenient maintenance location maintenance export.