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The status quo and future development direction of the industry thermostat
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In recent years, the thermostat growth is gratifying, gradually expand the production line of some of the original production enterprise, and other related enterprises began to enter the refrigerator temperature controller market. According to statistics, China's Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Northeast China, and inland provinces have thermostat production enterprises. "Innumerable, but still need to lead the development of the industry, big brands, big business." Changzhou East general manager Sun Xiaohua said.
Temperature controller of small and medium-sized enterprises get together, fierce competition, overdraft market. Coupled with rising domestic labor costs, raw material prices, multi role, medicine and it is part of competitive products into almost pure cost competition stage. "With the thermostat to the continuous influx of new business enterprises, all under the rising cost of products, increasingly meager profits of the pressure." Huangshi Xianda Zhang Songbo said, so far, the thermostat market did not achieve the unification, standardization, facing the pressure of competition, many domestic thermostat hit the price war, not to focus on product quality and customer service service, resulting in vicious spiral.

<strong> 1, some products enter the enterprises to increase net profit stage</strong>

A lot of enterprises on the current margins that are not satisfied, reporters learned that the thermostat supply price of different brands of the same species are not the same, sometimes even a few times. Grand electronic general manager Zheng Fayuan said: "a few years ago the thermostat has 20% point of profit in the past few years, only 6, 7 points. We like the private, not too much investment in technology development risk, return afraid of difficulties. The competition in the end, enterprises increasingly difficult, there is no good policy and environment, it is difficult to make a difference in innovation."

As a result, some manufacturers in order to Italy hold down costs, even with a mechanical thermostat to replace the electronic temperature controller, the rapid market response requirements of the thermostat manufacturers. Jiangsu Jingchuang electric Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Chen Rongjin told reporters: "the same is the thermostat, but because the whole product matching in different areas, there is a big difference in the thermostat production situation.At the same time, a number of categories of thermostat production enterprises, often based on market dynamics of the product line and the category of products accounted for to make adjustments."

<strong> 2, small and medium-sized enterprises serious polarization</strong>

Dynamic and intense competition in the external drive in the enterprise for the development of the internal driving power combination, thermostat industry polarization appeared. Some rely on imitation, plagiarism is short of the enterprise to survive, because of widespread problems of automation and efficiency, homogenization of products, coupled with the influence of low price competition, cost factors, profits were swallowed, enterprises to enter the dangerous period". Some of the newly established enterprise, or the slow pace of development of enterprises into the bottleneck period, difficult to have a revolutionary new products.

In this regard, Jiangsu Jingchuang electric Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Chen Rongjin's advice is: "domestic manufacturers in the construction of the project, not just on the initial cost, comprehensive cost to take into account the cost, energy cost, safety, quality, service, enhance brand."

Comparison of small and medium-sized enterprises, or new companies entering the market, some of the leading enterprises in the high-end market advantages, but also more energy and ability to complete the technological innovation, and expand to more areas. Insiders predict that the strong stronger, the weak situation of being eliminated, in the next 10 years is more intense.

<strong> Product innovation: the only way in high added value</strong>

The product is the basis of enterprise, in the interview, many people pointed out that domestic enterprises centralized control, large cold chain in the central product application on the gap between the obvious. At the same time, the industry leader in Jiangsu, Huangshi, Suzhou Tatsu kindax Xinya is in the field of high-end growing influence, according to the person in charge, thanks to technological innovation, the development of high value-added products.

<strong> 1, networking systems, remote monitoring will play a leading role</strong>

"A fine for innovation and technology products never relaxed. Kindax is a national high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, energy-saving HVAC refrigeration control engineering technology research center, Jiangsu province postdoctoral innovation base, China "temperature control meter verification procedures" "perishable food cold chain temperature measurement standard drafting unit", undertaken by the national and provincial level science and technology more than 10 projects, national torch plan 3 a, has more than and 40 patents, including 6 invention patents. The product won the Xuzhou quality award, was named the most popular brand. At present, the company kindax by ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004, GB/T28001-2001, TS16949 four system certification, export products through the CE certification and UL." Jiangsu Jingchuang electric Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Chen Rongjin pointed out.

In product development, a fine is also fruitful. Cold chain monitoring (IOT) system, cold chain temperature and humidity controller, temperature humidity recorder, electric control box, cold storage temperature and humidity measuring instrument, air heat pump controller, vehicle air conditioning controller, used in different fields and places. The main solution to the cold chain operation based on the realization of the accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity of each link of the cold chain, abnormal temperature alarm; all kinds of kitchen cabinets, drinks cabinet, display cabinets, cabinets, cabinets and other medical refrigeration refrigeration system temperature control. As of 2013, the products are sold in more than and 60 countries, the market share in the industry first. This year to further expand the overseas market share, market share growth, products and solutions have been serving thousands of customers worldwide, in the developed market and the emerging market, formed a strategic partnership with many leading customers.

Suzhou Xinya by leading remote monitoring technology. "In terms of service, our fast response speed, embodies the service on the side; at the same time, but also timely development, tailored, integrated product function, helps to reduce the comprehensive cost of products, and ultimately enhance the value of products to customers." Wen Jianzhong, chairman of introduction, the remote monitoring through the communication module and the controller of the Internet and networking equipment training, and can be used for centralized monitoring, without network. Its characteristic is to provide the equipment operation control, warning, alarm, recording and other functions. Through the Internet can conduct real-time monitoring and real-time control of the equipment, no longer need to run in a number of sites. The timing of recording the running and operating parameters, provide data basis for maintenance and performance analysis, are evidence that any problem. Through the mobile phone and web two ways to send equipment fault information, greatly reduce the manual operation and maintenance costs, reduce losses and damages. There is no need to install the software, just access to the Internet computer or mobile phone, which bring the cola enjoy remote monitoring of your convenience.

"Mentioned before Chinese enterprises face the problem, but also we have to face the problem of product improvement, we no longer meet the thermostat function only has the ordinary, also towards intelligent direction of development. For example, we are in the development of a temperature controller through the network platform and SMS can real-time monitoring, he can automatically connect, support offline reconnection, this is a kind of intelligent temperature controller, both at home and abroad belong to the leading level, once successfully developed and put into production, the outlook is very optimistic." Huangshi first introduced Zhang Songbo, the company has stepped up efforts in staff training, a weekly event, only the employees to understand the products, production of products can be better, and cultivate a batch of technical personnel.

<strong> 2, appearance requirements, personalized, energy saving, safety can not be a little</strong>

During the interview, the development of the concept of temperature control in the future, many companies are given a similar answer.

Suzhou Xinya chairman Wen Jianzhong pointed out that the company's future product is still around with safety and reliability, energy saving and environmental protection to think. Shenyang yikong starting from the characteristics of technological innovation, the establishment of independent brands, to meet the personalized and customized design.

Changzhou East Kai with convenient operation and complete the advantages of small and medium-sized customers won reputation, the second half will vigorously promote the thermostat, improve product hardware and technical strength, and strengthen the East and the thermostat's influence in the industry.

Guangdong library general to touch panel design, wide technology, intelligent application to win. General manager Guo Zihua believes that there is great room for the development of product appearance, technology from now to the development of intelligent automation. The thermostat to the future more beautiful, touch operation, intelligent direction.

In addition, some small companies new breakthrough in the development, such as the Weihai Economic Development Zone, Jin Bei refrigeration business peak and valley type temperature control table according to the cold peak and trough adjustment of electricity, running costs than traditional energy saving 30% - 50%.

From it, we can see, the thermostat will toward safety, energy saving, environmental protection, the development of personalized, controllable appearance.

The enterprise layout: all-round constructing perfect system

In an increasingly competitive market environment, more and more domestic manufacturers have realized the importance of multi azimuth layout, and put more power to support.

As a business for more than 20 years old enterprise, Huangshi first think, enterprises must strictly the quality pass, is actually a good customer service service, again is to brand image, cultivate customer loyalty. Do these, enterprises have enough competitiveness based on the market in an invincible position and. "We have a lot of old customers in all parts of the country, relying on word of mouth, there have been new customers to use our products, for old customers, we never abandon, facing the pressure of rising costs, we are at least the pressure passed on to customers, this is the old customer trust, for new customers, we actively guide personally, to send technical personnel to guide the installation, good customer service service, gave them a lot of confidence." Zhang Songbo believes that if we can make sure that the mature and perfect enterprise to mature.

Jiangsu Jingchuang analysis, the future market competition is fierce, the enterprise wants to obtain more competitive, first of all to good insight into the industry and the needs of customers, for customers to solve practical problems. Secondly, to continuous innovation, formed its own technical barriers. In addition, but also good at the integration of resources, launch solution system and reduce costs, to help customers improve profit margins, promote greater competitiveness. The first is to adhere to customer-centric strategy. Focus on enhancing customer value of technology, products, solutions and services for innovation, to better understand and meet customer needs, the leading technology into the customer's competitive advantage. The unique advantages are mainly embodied in the company to meet customer needs as the source, high quality products and services with leading technology and global solutions, has introduced high-quality products." Chen Rongjin told reporters, a fine test line and equipment has strong R & D team completed. Engaged in the research and development of products and solutions for more than 90 engineers, adhere to the sales income of 8% of the cost of investment in research and development and technological innovation. In addition, Jingchuang noted that online shopping logistics demand growth momentum rapidly in recent years, the thermostat market also store operations and e-commerce synchronous business trends, Jingchuang also strive to this direction.

"The future is to further enhance the development direction of our products." Wen Jianzhong chairman of the New Asia, enterprises want to get more competitive is to improve from three aspects, hiring, educating people, keep people, only more talents to make enterprises more competitive.

"Many R & D team and engineers from outside, we should establish its own technical team and R & d." Changzhou East general manager Sun Xiaohua put forward the important plans of the company the next step. Heilongjiang cartoon Technology Co. hopes to introduce business philosophy and scientific management methods mature, innovative technology and products for launch control units and cooling systems, a deeper understanding of the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

Guangtong library improve the market feedback mechanism to general principles, "to understand the dynamic market demand, to further improve our products; and reserve research strength, there are plans to regularly gradually upgrade products, maintain the leading position to ensure that technology." Guo Zihua pointed out that, at the same time, but also to expand the publicity, improve product performance, stable product quality, leading technology.

Shenyang yikong general manager Bian Encheng seems to do strong, rather than blindly expand. In addition, to Lianhaoneigong, good products. Customer demand-oriented, mutual benefit and mutual trust of dealers. I believe the power of word of mouth, coupled with appropriate advertising and marketing.