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"Smart Home Furnishing" rapid shift "smart home" emotion code!!!
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According to the refrigeration express reporter, since entering twenty-first Century, with the rapid development of modern technology by "high speed", as a variety of intelligent home appliances rush home. "Without washing hands, press the button to cook." The function of automation and semi automation of color TV, refrigerator, washing machine for other appliances without wearing smart high-tech aura. This is Home Furnishing intelligent people have talked about "".

But what is the actual situation? In December 2013, from the "Economic Reference News" of the "home appliance enterprise intelligent strategy in tactical jungle" in the text, it clearly depicts the smart appliances dilemma: user program shortage, intelligent home appliances fragmentation does not buy it, household electrical appliance enterprises also need to achieve across the new height intelligent strategy. In fact, whether it is a smart appliance or intelligent Home Furnishing, smart home are just a single point element. A lot of intelligent household electrical appliance enterprises is the lack of smart home strategic thinking and strategic wisdom, lost in the jungle and free from tactics, people really need and the market development trend of the smart home door. However, home is our beautiful life warm harbor, it is not a "smart appliances cold" piled up the lack of intelligent Home Furnishing, "care" and "love", is obviously not what we wanted to do in life.Single home appliances intelligent can not replace the affection between family members and care!
<strong> A family full of love and wisdom leaves</strong>

"Mutual close friendship, family and happiness" is Chinese home inheritance for thousands of years. Home, is a tree, artificial branches, branches and leaves, are the basic elements of home care; responsibility "is throughout the entire family" main thread "; many use high-tech to create a" smart Home Furnishing "home" is decorated with branches and leaves".
In the face of "lack of coordination" intelligent "Home Furnishing merciless disease". Smart home with love and concern, to the intelligent Home Furnishing opened a prescription: smart home and intelligent appliances, given the traditional interconnection, given its soul, can be any combination of a variety of home appliances to build intelligent scene, let the home of the big tree with luxuriant foliage, infinite vitality.
<strong> Two, intelligent interconnection, core of India</strong>

Elderly parents, tired of life, to let the parents enjoy the comfortable life of modern, filial sons and daughters from all kinds of modern intelligent home appliances, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, tv......
According to the household survey report shows that more than 85% of the elderly are used, not used, will not dare to use of modern intelligent home appliances. These cold appliances has become a decoration, and even become "chicken ribs".Don't waste their mind, with the fear of bad, bad also leads to security risks.

In contrast, children through such a smart home APP spring, only need to gently press the mobile phone, you can open the home appliances for the elderly, to create a comfortable living environment, let parents to filial heart.

Young children, sweet next generation, for them, my parents all love. Air conditioning, TV, machine learning, intelligent toys, eye protection lamp...... Do everything you can to let the children enjoy the modern science and technology brings a better life.

According to the relevant research of the WHO, many children Home Furnishing face security risks, especially risk caused by improper use of the appliance is not to be despised. My parents always can't keep the kids in sight, a little neglect may lead to lifelong regret.

With such wisdom Chunquan family, even if the parents are not at home, you can also "smart home appliances mobile phone APP to keep control of the house, the environment information of air quality and temperature check home with a mobile phone, electric conductor, escort for children.

The job is busy, fast-paced life, go out in a hurry home, some careless things: forget to turn off the power supply, and forgot to turn off the air conditioner to forget to lock the door;

According to a survey report shows that many modern people exist "out comprehensive anxiety: suspected doors did not lock, power supply, electric appliance is not closed, don't concentrate on work, obvious anxiety symptoms, also known as" obsessive-compulsive disorder".

In this case, smart home through the "APP" can monitor the use of the home appliances and doors and windows, a key mode of home, automatically cut off the power supply can effectively prevent the standby power consumption, saving electricity, will realize "home, never leave!"

<strong> Three, open the door of wisdom: "core" family decryption</strong>

One is intelligent. As the wisdom of the family, not only can the intelligent analysis, remote monitoring, receiving user instructions comprehensively and accurately and quickly to provide personalized service. It realizes the interconnection and mutual control terminal of Internet appliances, intelligent home appliances for appliances before cold feeling, become the link of maintaining relationships.

The two is such. At this point, the current focus on Intelligent Home Furnishing multi product intelligence, light energy, Internet companies, appliance manufacturers and innovation team, focus on Intelligent Home Furnishing, but ignore the actual demand for more energy saving. The smart home products are available through any mobile phone electric equipment intelligent control, through overtime mode, temperature control, energy consumption has to reproduce a variety of ways and means to save electricity effect. Can be of different time and different scenes of electric appliance set accurately and rational management to achieve low carbon energy saving.
Intelligent Home Furnishing era, in our daily life, need to use different brands of home appliances, but because they are not interconnected. In fact, each family has been split into several different brands of "island", it will lose the value of intelligence.

Spring such a smart home, starting from the strategic platform to build ecosystem, with the Internet technology, to solve the problems in the troubled industry, breaking the lack of coordination between different appliances, developed a series of smart home products, including cloud, cloud remote controller, cloud cloud switch, socket, and intelligent gateway products etc.. Through a mobile phone APP, can realize the intelligent air conditioning, lighting, television, appliances and so on, no matter when and where, can through the mobile phone to control home appliances at. And set the home, home, energy saving, reception, party, sleep up to twenty intelligent scene, various habits include personal life, easy to create the integration of the wisdom of family life experience.