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Intelligent Home Furnishing new direction, all our intelligent energy saving
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All bosses are in the layout of intelligent Home Furnishing market, R & D investment when all kinds of intelligent Home Furnishing products, we have almost forgotten, all intelligent products after all depend on sufficient energy. Energy is the most fundamental of intelligent Home Furnishing demand, intelligent energy saving is the direction of development of a new generation of energy-saving technology. Intelligent Home Furnishing not only to provide users to create a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment, more energy needs to solve the user more practical.

You may not think of, when the dead of night, when the office was empty, they are still working in the off state, the standby power consumption of 3.47 watts of power air conditioning, TV host PC 8.07 watts, 35.07 watts, 7.69 watts of display, but everyone after work is just off the switch and let appliances in standby mode is not uncommon.

In the management of the company, electrical appliances and lamps are two main electricity company, and the office staff is more frequent, people often go after drinking fountains, lights, air conditioning and other appliances caused by forgetting to close the "zero performance", not only consume a large amount of electrical energy and electrical damage to life, even there will be harmful substances on the human body.

Zhengzhou Chunquan energy Limited by Share Ltd according to the research of intelligent energy saving technology for many years, the introduction of cloud cloud remote controller, temperature controller, cloud cloud switch, socket and a series of intelligent energy-saving products, through a mobile phone APP, can realize energy-saving intelligent air conditioning, lights, printers and other office appliances can, according to the needs of the work setting work, meetings, work, work, energy saving, to as many as twenty intelligent scene, easily realize the rational use of various electrical appliances in the smart office at the same time, eliminate waste of electricity.
<strong> Go to work</strong>

When you walk into the office, in the mobile phone touch work scene or wall cloud scene panel, the system automatically performs a series of action scenes, including: air conditioning and will automatically open the temperature to the most comfortable, curtain, computer, printer, purifier, water dispenser, all the printer automatically open, you don't need a switch or find the remote control.

<strong> Work</strong>

Just press the button to work off the cloud scene panel, can also be set to work for a time the system automatically shut down the regional office lights, window curtains, air conditioning, power off drinking machine, humidifier and other electrical appliances, and automatically open the security alarm system. Forget the work keys can also be used when mobile phone remote execution work, office appliances all closed, effectively prevent the standby power consumption. For overtime overtime mode can be opened, automatically shut down a two hour electric appliance.

<strong> Air temperature control</strong>

You can set the office air conditioning temperature limits, such as setting the refrigeration temperature of 26 DEG C, set the heating temperature of 20 DEG C. According to the relevant domestic and foreign research shows that air conditioning and refrigeration, set an increase in temperature of 1 degrees, saving 8% to 10%, such as to enable the temperature limit management functions will be defined in the summer air conditioning refrigeration temperature above 26 DEG, 24 DEG C than the air temperature over a long period of time can save about 20% of long-term excessive use of air conditioning, energy saving effect temperature limit management is very significant. And based on the time management function allows the use of air conditioning, air conditioning automatically shut down to work.

<strong> Statistical power analysis</strong>

In the lack of scientific and effective utilization of power and power quality management methods, enterprises generally do not know what power is mainly consumed in place? Through the installation of cloud temperature controller, remote controller, cloud cloud, cloud socket switch, you can consume much energy consumption through statistical analysis of electrical power what what time, waste where the vulnerability, which improve the opportunity, how to improve, to provide technical support for energy saving.
As the market economy continues to mature, most of the domestic enterprises are facing global competition in the market, the majority of enterprises are faced with declining profits situation, in this regard, only from the strengthening of market development and to strengthen the cost control of two. In the cost of enterprises, has become the third largest electricity costs in material costs, labor costs after, many enterprises due to various aspects of management, technology, technology and other reasons, a serious waste of energy, the potential of energy saving, therefore through technical means to reduce the electricity expenses cost and increasing the profit space will have a brilliant future.
Spring energy smart products, through the mobile phone to the office of any electrical equipment of the intelligent control, there are a variety of ways and means to achieve low carbon energy saving, save electricity effect. Can be of different time and different scenes of electric appliance set accurately and rational management in energy saving so you can enjoy a comfortable office environment and improve work efficiency at the same time, open intelligent energy saving office era.