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Local news: 2016, Liaoning province will build wind power heating project
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In December 31, 2015, a reporter from the State Grid Liaoning electric power company, in 2017, Liaoning province will build the abandoned wind electric thermal storage heating demonstration project, not only improve the absorptive capacity of wind power, but also can achieve clean heating, but also opens up a new way for the Liaoning power grid wind power accommodation.

New energy obvious role in the adjustment of energy structure in Liaoning province. Wind power since 2009 has become the second largest source of Liaoning Province, located in the domestic installed capacity of sixth. In 2015, wind power installed up to 304 thousand and 500 kilowatts, the "12th Five-Year" period, wind power installed capacity of the average annual growth of 15.7%.

At present, Liaoning Province, wind power showing too much, much abandoned "situation, abandoned wind power reached 1 billion 417 million kwh. According to the characteristics of Liaoning power grid, Liaoning province has led the formation of scientific research team, to carry out projects of national science and technology support project "high voltage electric heat storage system to enhance the work of" Research on key technology and utilization of renewable energy, wind power from the heat storage heating, reduce coal pollution, expanding clean energy consumptive space.