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Forward - contrarian Xinyuan electrical monthly sales meeting
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In April 5, 2016, Xinyuan company monthly summary and commendation meeting held in the company headquarters on the first floor hall. Company chairman Liu Dong, general manager of Lei Zong and Shen Xinyuan North headquarters staff attended the meeting.

The meeting set up by the technical department presided over the people.

Xinyuan each division represents and the share in the sales experience, and in the light of the monthly and quarterly sales market situation, summarized the insufficiency, outlook statement the next work plan and the January sales task. Six business departments jointly expressed full confidence and strive to meet the challenges of a new round of determination.

Lead the championship

All employees in the sales department under the joint efforts of all staff, solidarity, mutual cooperation, the successful completion of the monthly sales target.

The sales champion in March by the central China team, the regional manager Liu Nan came to accept the award.

The meeting reviewed the March sales in the overall situation, by the general manager Lei Zong of the sales department issued a cash prize to encourage the champion. The majority of the sales staff to call ray total customer service intentions, efforts to open up the market to create greater sales, create Xinyuan brand, increase the market share of products.
Next, published summary of the speech by the chairman of the company Liu Dong, Liu Dong first to Xinyuan electrical company personnel long-term effort and hard work to say thank you, success and achievements of the sales team said the full affirmation, and obtain central division results and show the effectiveness and cohesion of the praise. Xinyuan electrical appliances in the leading group under the collaboration, the first to adjust the internal mechanism, timely response, in the industry is ready for the winter approaching positive coping strategies, completed the first quarter of 2016 sales target, all the achievements we have made are the various business departments collaboration and cooperation results, is that in front of the market is full of challenges not only thinking of the off-season off-season market.

Xinyuan company has been adhering to the positive, sunshine, positive energy, solidarity across the company, to win the trust of users with the products and services.