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Dear colleagues:

Your passion is to join the Xinyuan electrical company, trust, is the cause of life, and the pursuit of ideals in life entrusted to the Xinyuan electrical appliances, "all rivers run into sea of tolerance," is broad temperament Xinyuan, heart full of "we want the heating is more comfortable, we will make the world more environmental protection" enterprise vision, is the power of Xinyuan to continue moving forward, it inspired Xinyuan people constantly go beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence.

Over the years, enterprises continue to grow and develop, back ups and downs, we are convinced that the customer's satisfaction and success is the measure of our performance scale, also is the enterprise existence value; the quality of the staff, professional level and improve the living standards of the table is the best measure of performance; innovative products record enterprise development path step by step the market continues to expand; employees carrying too much effort and struggle.

We will be dedicated to create efficient, cooperative, pay enterprise culture, create a relaxed and happy atmosphere, with a talent for employees and realize the value of life stage, let our employees find their ideal position, get their due reward, honor and dignity, but also hope that each person Xinyuan strict requirements they, together with enterprises to create, share, realize the dream together, the common social returns.