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The practice of Chinese dream positive energy transfer

In 2016, Shenyang Xinyuan Electric Co. Ltd. in the Great Hall of the people to get China electric heating enterprises honor "blue sky Award", and the 2016 annual coal power project "outstanding contribution to enterprise"

In 2015, Xinyuan company involved in the drafting of the National Energy Bureau and energy-saving technology and equipment department led by writing "on the" Internet plus wisdom "energy development guidance" officially released.

In 2014 to expand international cooperation, Finland and Sweden, to achieve cooperation in new energy, and the establishment of "distributed international energy technology exchange center".

In 2013 3000 square meters of heating enterprises R & D center officially put into use, for enterprises in the dominant position in the field of temperature control of heating.

In 2012 developed the "RT8000 household heating control system", the construction of China's first thermal storage heating chamber.

The 2011 launch of A series and T809 intelligent temperature controller SR5000 algorithm, centralized control system has a wide range of applications.

2010 National four patents, Shenyang municipal government "intelligent heating technology research and development center" in our company.

In 2009 developed the concept of things "city heating three wireless communication network platform system".

In 2007, the central heating control system ", is listed as the provincial energy saving promotion project. According to the requirements of international standards, development and production of the 6 series of new products.

In 2006 the establishment of electric heating industry advantage, products in the domestic market share of 60%.

Built in 2005 the thermostat dedicated production lines, the production efficiency and product quality can be greatly improved.

In 2004 proposed the "professional customer service, do control experts in the field of" business philosophy. Clear enterprise in the thermostat manufacturing goals and determination in the field of development in depth.

In 2003, the declaration of the 15 patents, developed the industry's first 30A temperature controller, the electric heating thermostat load capacity problems can be solved.

2002 is the first domestic intelligent temperature controller, timer start timing shutdown function was born in our company. The programmable intelligent temperature controller has also created a precedent for the industry.

In 2001 developed the first domestic double temperature double control type temperature controller, to solve the problem that plagued electricity geothermal industry for many years until today, this technology has become the industry standard for electric heating.

In 2000 developed a special electric heating load allocation device, solves the problem of deep restricting the development of the electric heating industry.

Born in 1999, the first in the thermostat knob Xinyuan, used for electric heating industry, thus breaking the imported products monopolize the world situation.




In 2015,