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Xinyuan electric company to Scientific Outlook on Development overall situation, to build the world's largest thermostat R & D and manufacturing base, in order to employee career dream "for the vision, to make the heating more comfortable, more energy for heating for the mission, the domestic and foreign famous universities and scientific research institutions into the industry talent and technology cooperation system, have been set up in Shenyang city the government" smart heating Research Center; Shenyang Key Laboratory of control technology; Shenyang City Heating Technology International Exhibition Center; Shenyang energy Internet industry technology innovation strategic alliance; Shenyang municipal enterprise technology center; national multi coupling distributed energy development technology research and development center, grasp the international temperature field of new technology the temperature control system, dynamic, cutting-edge R & D products with independent intellectual property rights, and selling the world's more than and 50 countries and It is widely used in stadiums, five star hotels, high-end villas, etc..

Anping middle school

Anping occupation technical school

COSCO Xinjiang Shawan science and

Xinjiang Hami Longquan is still in the area

Urumqi City, the thirty-two primary school

Xinjiang Urumqi technical school

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